How long that hair laser removal last!

Laser hair removal Last is a permanent technique to remove unwanted body hair. Its effect lasts forever. It is done by focusing a laser beam of 1064 nm wavelength on the area of the body containing hair. The beam is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicles, which upon reaching a temperature of 70 degree Celsius, destroys the follicles permanently. To get the best results, the person undergoing this procedure should take around 4 – 6 sittings. Especially during the antigen or growth phase of hair.

GSilk IPL is the best-unwanted hair removal method that lasts for a lifetime with frequent maintenance sessions which you might require. But after a while, you will not need that even.

Laser hair removal uses focused light energy to send a death knell to individual hair follicles under the skin. However, not all hair is at the same point in the growth cycle. This distinction is important because it means some hair won’t be damaged by the laser and will continue to grow.

While “permanent” laser hair removal is a misnomer, after six to eight treatments, you can expect a marked reduction in hair.

People that get the best long term laser hair removal results have lighter skin and darker hair. This is because lasers are most effective when there is contrast.

The contrast between the light skin and dark pigment help the laser light beam find the root of the hair follicle and destroy it.

The laser recognizes melanin found near the base of the hair follicle.

Lasers can remove up to 90% of hair permanently. Because of the way skin and hair types affect the results as mentioned earlier it is hard to accurately predict how long hair removal will last. We have used two case studies below to highlight how laser hair removal can work.

Laser Hair Removal Last

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